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Melissa Purdy

Born and raised on Long Island in New York, Melissa has spent over 12 years in the Construction industry, wearing many different (hard)hats along the way! Beginning in the Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers apprenticeship, working on several different types of projects while operating a full suite of Heavy Equipment, Melissa took her career path into the office as an assistant to a NYC-area Geotechnical Drilling firm.  From there she evolved her career into Project Management, and Field Operations, and is currently a Geotechnical project manager for a leading Testing Laboratory in the Greater NYC Area. 

As an admin assistant and quickly evolving into project and operations management, Melissa has seen a wide variety of on-the-job incidents, accidents, and injuries. When visiting jobsites to conduct Jobsite Hazard Assessments and while in the field or in the shop holding Safety Meetings, she found that many of these accidents and injuries happen under regular working conditions, even by experienced workers. She also found that it can be challenging to hold the attention of a group full of construction workers, but believes this shows a unique opportunity to use different learning styles and active discussion to really get the point across. 


Venturing into the world of OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Training has been a unique and enjoyable experience for Melissa, as someone who enjoys problem-solving and communication, two highly important and valuable skills in construction. From the ground up, Melissa has spent countless hours tackling the tasks of becoming an Authorized Outreach Trainer and opening her own business here at Safety City LLC.

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